Hello dear readers! Modern Art is digital is going through a rebranding phase! We thank and appreciate every one of our readers that found us along the way and helped support our blog. We promise to deliver outstanding, truthful and wonderful content as we go through this transition. We as…

Virgin galactic started making buzz when the company first announced that they would be taking ‘founder’ and billionaire Richard Branson into the edge of space. This would propel a new era of space tourism and ultimately a faster way to get from one place, to another.

During the GameStop crazy…

History of dogecoin (doge):

Way back when, at the start of the 2010s, blockchain technology went public and exploding in popularity. When bitcoin took center stage, many developers tried to replicate what bitcoin achieved and claimed that their coin is similar if not better than that bitcoin offered. Thousands of…


Extraordinary by Jalen Pless

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